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Posted on March 22, 2011


Katrina Kaif was born on July 16, 1984 in Hong Kong and she grew up in London. She began her modeling career at age 14 when he approached the jewelry campaign in London. He never saw the moment and start a modeling career complete there. As he grew older, he was attracted to her father’s village.

He could not speak Hindi, but when he started his career in Bollywood, he worked hard at learning the language and inability to be perfect with that dialect. It has also been reported that he even took a strict Kathak dance classes for 40 days, where she danced for 7 hours without a break.

Katrina Kaif is 5ft 8.5 inche tall and has the appearance of angels. She was very beautiful with exciting features. It was luck that he met Kaizad Gustad in London, which offers its role in the movie ‘Boom’, and it is his debut Bollywood film.

His interest grew more into Bollywood, and then he finally decided to move to Mumbai to take acting profession permanently, it should be mentioned here that when he landed in India, he was flooded with a number of tasks in modeling and acting dream in Bollywood gradually filled the role he pulled the bag different directors. At first, his voice was dubbed by native speakers, but that changed after the Hindi film Namaste London, where he dubbed his own lines.

Katrina further demonstrate his interest in Bollywood films apart and he did two Telugu films – Malliswari (2004) and Allari Pidugu (2005) and a Malayalam film (Balram vs. Taradas). In all efforts, he managed to entertain people and huge applause gathered for the same thing.

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